Sample Order can place directly, Bulk order just add items in cart you will see the discounted price

How to Order from Furdelawholesale?

How to get the wholesale price?
Video about how to order the slides


Q& A:

1. I just want to buy samples, what can I do?

   A: Just order directly and pay for sample+ shipping cost


2. How to get the wholesale price?

    A: Once your shopping cart reach over 10 pairs, the system will reduce your cost directly and free your shipping cost as well. The more you order, the bigger discount you will get.


3. How much if I order over 10 pairs?

    A: We have price range from 10 pairs, 50 pairs & 100 pairs. As long as your cart reach the quantities, your price will be automatically updated.


4. Can I add different sizes & colors?

   A: Yes, we only count quantities, you can add any colors and size you want

5. Do you do custom logo?

    A: Yes we do, you can check here

6. How many days for shipping?

    A: depends on which shipping method you choose if you are less than 10 pairs. from 3-15 days. If for over 10 pairs wholesale order, we ship via Express only takes 3-5 days with tracking number.

7. I don't see the color i want, can I do customized colors?

    A: Yes you can, submit your design/wanted color here

8. I want other items more than fur slides, how can I see the price? (fur coat etc)

    A: if the items has add to quote options, just submit your quote in the botton.